Time to move into a better social network.

We are moving from the good-old Twitter into a place called the Fediverse. The Fediverse will be the place where we'll house our new official accounts.

The Fediverse isn't just an ordinary social network. Instead, it's a social network of social networks.

Wanna follow and the rest of us? Follow ⬆️ Shift, Reinhart first on @reinhart@bots.reinhart1010.id, if you know the drill. You can click the profile pics below to view each of us.


πŸŽ‰ Our Twitter archives are here!

You can view a list of our past Twitter posts (aka. Tweets) by going to the following links!

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Why do we move?

It's more than just Musk's acquisition and the $8/mo "Verified" fiasco. We are smart and definitely are not cowards, quitters, and the one who can't afford that $8/mo. In the Fediverse, we can do the following things without excessive fears of ban and expenses.

Claim as many accounts as we wish. πŸ“Œ

As short as @root? As cool as @superuser? No Blue, Nitro, or even shady account sellers needed.

...and robots have their safe home, too! 🦾

And it's free from Musk's threats to them. Cheers for singularity!

...and we are all #Verified! Everywhere! βœ…

No credit card required, except for domains and VPS bills, of course. You can also optionally verify by putting links into your website.

And why should you move?

Even if you're not interested in all of above, the Fediverse is also the place for you who want to enjoy social media as they were originally intended.

Most Fediverse websites have no ads, no obligatory subscriptions, no recommendation algorithms. so you only care about who you really want to follow and interact with, not what the company wants you to do so.

Buzzers and influencers will still likely to be here, but the Fediverse is intentionally designed to not forcing their content to be spread on every server on this world and crippling on your home timeline, unless if you decided to follow them, of course.

Follow us in just three simple steps.

Create an account elsewhere. πŸ“

bots.reinhart1010.id is not open for new accounts for maintenance and moderation reasons. But you can follow us from any other Fediverse social media sites!

Search our username on your search bar! πŸ”Ž

As long as your favorite Fediverse site supports ActivityPub, just put @reinhart@bots.reinhart1010.id on your search bar to view our profile page!

Lastly, press the Follow button! βž•

That's it. Most of our accounts are open to follow, no follow requests required.

Some pro tips!

Recommended places to join, if you're Indonesian and afraid of the government thing.

Most owners of these places are friends of us, so we're on the same boat.

Frequently-Asked Questions

I can't find your account.

This could because your Fediverse server (like Diaspora) may not support ActivityPub (which you can check here), your server administrator may have blocked bots.reinhart1010.id, or it's all because of our server's fault, which you can check on status.reinhart1010.id.

How do I like, comment, and repost your posts if I can't find it on my own server?

You can find and re-check our post at https://bots.reinhart1010.id/explore first.

If found, you can tap ... More > Copy Link and paste them unto your server's search bar to retrieve our post in your site.